FIRST CHINA ERAS CONGRESS (Nanjing, July 10-12, 2015)


In the upcoming July, Prof. Parisi and Dr. Desiderio are going to attend the First Chinese ERAS Congress in Nanjing, where the study will be officially presented.
It will be a valuable opportunity to meet the Chinese Investigators participating in IMIGASTRIC and discuss future collaborations and scientific activities to be undertaken together.

Nanjing, ERAS Congress (July 10-12, 2015)

July 11th. 2015

session:Recent New Advancement in Surgery


Time                           Speaker                                    Topic

14:15-14:30          Amilcare Parisi     The Advancement of Minimal Invasive Surgery in Gastric Cancer


14:30-14:45         Jacopo Desiderio   Introduction of IMIGastric Program